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Who is this service for?

Our expertise lies in preparing texts for publication and submission. Our clients are mostly postgraduate students but we cater for anyone who needs their work prepared to a high standard, ready for assessment, examination or to project a positive, credible image.

Since publication covers books, short stories, websites or reports that will be published for anyone to see, we would be delighted to work with you in producing a polished, professional document ready to be seen by the world.

We proofread everything from dissertations to business plans, from websites to research proposals and from funding bids to brochures. Contact us for more details or find out about our great rates.

What is included?

OPUS Editorial Ltd operates in a strictly ethical way. We do not write essays and we do not aim to overwrite work. For students, what we do is highlight where clarity, accuracy or formatting could be brought into line with academic standards.

Because we offer a personal service, not just a virtual electronic relationship, we are able to discuss with you what you need before undertaking any projects. This means you will know what to expect and how much it will cost before we begin. We believe this is a more transparent way to behave than some of our competitors. Our many returning clients agree; we hope you do too.

How does it work?

1. Clients send their written work in Word format to us by email or Dropbox along with their university/department/journal/company style guide.
2. We confirm the cost of the work and send a Paypal invoice.
3. On payment, we proofread the text using Word's TrackChanges function, adding comments where appropriate for students to consider.
4. The work is returned to the student via email or Dropbox.
5. Two weeks after this, the Word files are deleted from our system to ensure confidentiality.
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