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Why proofread?

There is an industry understanding that no work should ever be published before it is proofread. No matter how good a writer you are, there will almost always be errors in your work, as the eyes and brain are clever at filtering out detail. However, other people's eyes and brains are clever enough to identify those very errors, making judgement calls based on these.

Investing in a proofreading service before submission or publication will iron out all possible challenges to your work's credibility, quality and professionalism.

If you write, proofreading your work should be high on your list of priorities!

OPUS Editorial Ltd offers a very high level proofreading service carried out by highly skilled, trained proofreaders. We read essays, dissertations and papers day in, day out. We recognise the most obvious errors and are trained to spot them. We focus on consistency to make sure you haven't used words differently throughout and ensure that the content of your work is not hampered by the mechanics of the language. Contact us today and let us turn your work into the perfect document.

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